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Emergency Exit Sign in English

Welcome to Free Safety Signs brought to you by Safety Media Limited!

Safety Media provides World Class Health and Safety Solutions to companies across the globe.

We know that “out of the box” Health & Safety solutions do no always help every company and every employee within your company.  Therefore we are letting YOU take control of your own Health and Safety requirements by creating, downloading and displaying your own personalised safety signs and posters.

You can make the text in the sign specific to your company – For example “Mind the step to the left”  or if you have foreign speaking employees you can personalise it into as many languages as you like: For example send the same warning to your Polish employees – “Pamiętaj o krok w lewo”.

Just think – visitors to your company can be welcomed to your premises and warned about that step that everyone trips over, employees can be reminded to wash their own cups personally signed off by your cleaner, your Health and Safety Manager could remind everyone to wear the correct PPE for your facilities….

Make your workplace come to life and show your employees that you care about their health and safety by providing specialised and personalised sign-age relevant to your workforce.